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6 weeks, 3 times a week, personal nutrition plan, 24/7 coaching, no results, money back. 

Wetrain Essentials

The WeTrain Essentials program is fully focused on letting you experience and understand the difference between exercise and training. In 6 weeks we teach you the most important elements to achieve lasting results.


After 6 weeks you know exactly how a nutrition plan works, what the right choices are in terms of nutrition, training and lifestyle, you have visible results, you feel strong and fitter than ever and you can continue independently with your new lifestyle, or further in our next program.

Would you like a no-obligation intake conversation?

What can I expect?

WeTrain Essentials includes all the services below

Online intake

An extensive online questionnaire. This gives us a good picture of your current state of being, your goals, limitations and wishes.

WeTrain Cookbook

You will receive a special WeTrain cookbook from us, so that you can start and maintain your WeTrain journey right from day 1.

Small group training

We always train in small groups with intensive supervision. Each training starts with a focus on technique, after which we increase the intensity and scope with work sets.

Personal nutrition plan

100% personal and completely in line with your personal goal. We take you through the build-up of it, so that you understand why this should be your plan.

Online coaching

You can contact us 24/7 for your questions about nutrition and training. We guarantee an answer to all your questions about your WeTrain journey within 12 hours.

Private WT WhatsApp group

Together with your 'teammates' we place you in a closed app group where we share all kinds of informative content, tips and tricks with you.

Fit test (before and after)

Measuring is knowing. We measure your fitness level at the beginning and at the end of our program to show how much progress you have made!

No result, money back!

WeTrain essentials has been carefully compiled and extensively tested. We are 100% sure that you will achieve great results, otherwise you will get your money back.

what people say



In search of a healthier and fitter lifestyle, we and four friends started the WeTrain program in 2017. Six weeks alert to nutrition and - I can say that after four years - learn a lot of lasting and sustainable knowledge. I still apply tips daily.


And train them three times a week. That was a bit of a fit into my busy life. At least, I thought I had a busy life. Because when I had to give up sports temporarily after two years at 26 weeks of pregnancy and only then led a really busy life, I didn't hesitate for a moment. WeTrain is a perfect way to rebuild, pop and live healthy and energetic. Because having energy means being able to spend energy.


And those friends? That turned out to be a whole community, a cool, low-threshold group of encouragers!


Esther Bulkens

The WeTrain basic route




WeTrain Essentials is a unique trajectory in which you will work on your health for 6 weeks. The Essentials is an integral bootcamp concept that guides you in the field of nutrition, training and lifestyle. In 6 weeks we take you into the world of training, nutrition and behaviour. Together with your group you will train intensively three times a week, eat clean and learn a lot about effective training.  


from €139

Next level

WeTrain Next Level, picks up where WeTrain Essentials stops. This program is designed for the advanced  trainee who already has a certain foundation. We build step by step with more complex techniques, a higher intensity, but also more scope per training. All dimensions of the 5 ground motor movement properties are discussed. Speed, strength, agility, endurance and coordination.


from €49.50


Participating in the WeTrain Forever subscription form means that you have sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding of training, nutrition and recovery

In the WeTrain Forever program we will perfect everything you already master (and more) and combine it in constantly changing training sessions.

Expect strength, duration, speed and skill workouts that continuously challenge and excite you.    


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