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Personal Training

Personal training at WeTrain is tailor-made based on your body and goals. Everyone is different and has a different history. A personal trainer ensures that your fitness improves, you lose weight, become tighter and most importantly; that you are comfortable in your own skin. We do this in a responsible manner and with varying and challenging training sessions that are tailor-made for you. 

What can I expect?

1 on 1 attention to your goal and body

the intake

We always start with a non-binding intake conversation with a cup of coffee. After all, we commit to each other and it has to click. During the intake we look at your history and the future. Do we have injuries that we have to take into account and what goal do we want to achieve together?

After our conversation we will determine the starting point by doing some exercises so that I can see how you are doing. In addition, we measure your fat percentage so that we have a clear and measurable starting point. 


Based on your goal and fat percentage, we make a personal  nutrition plan. This is not a ready-made menu because we want to teach you how to make conscious and healthy choices yourself. You will be registered in the WeTrain nutrition app so that I can monitor and adjust where necessary. You get a lot of tips and a cookbook as a kick-start that is also connected to the WeTrain app. 

For longer routes, we will measure your fat percentage in the meantime and adjust it where necessary. 


When we have determined your goal, we can get started with personal and varied training. The training sessions are tailor-made based on your body, limitations and wishes.

Depending on the length of the chosen route, we will measure, evaluate and adjust in the meantime.  

During the training there is 1 on 1 attention so that we can really ensure that you get the most out of yourself. 

Personal Training Testimonials



In 2016 I met a colleague with radiant happy looking eyes, I asked what had happened to her. She said, "I started exercising." Then I immediately decided to start exercising because that's how I wanted to watch. As a non-athlete, I didn't know how to start and realized I would never last without help.
I was introduced to Rick through the gym. We clicked immediately and I started with a session twice a week. After a few months that became one session and I started training independently in the gym once or twice.
Rick looks at you and adjusts the exercises to what is needed. For me these are balance, exercises for the back, walking upright and general condition. Of course there have been some periods of relapse, but together we pick up the thread again. Rick has patience, humor and perseverance. He has led me to start exercising independently, even during extended holiday periods, I could never have imagined that.
The question now is how do I look? Beaming and I walk upright.

Prices Personal Training


70 euros


We always start a personal training program with a free intake. Get to know each other and determine your goals together. If you choose to book a separate personal training lesson, you pay 70 euros each time.


660 Euro

3 times a week

After your free intake you can choose to take out a personal training subscription. If you opt for personal training three times a week, you pay 660 euros per month. The tuition fee will be 55 euros per hour.


260 euros

1 x a week

After your free intake you can choose to take out a personal training subscription. If you opt for personal training once a week, you pay 260 euros per month. The tuition fee will be 65 euros per hour.


from 300 Euro

Duo PT

Do you want personal attention, but prefer to split the costs? Then a duo personal training session is for you! Working out with your bestie, partner or a family member can actually be motivating.  


480 Euro

2 x a week

After your free intake you can choose to take out a personal training subscription. If you opt for personal training twice a week, you pay 480 euros per month. The tuition fee will be 60 euros per hour.

Eten Plate

100 euro

Nutrition coaching

Not working out at WeTrain, but receiving nutritional guidance? You can also start an individual trajectory with us focused on your eating patterns. You will then receive an account on our nutrition app where we can keep a close eye on you.

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