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WeTrain Offer

A good foundation of focus, strength and mobility is an absolute prerequisite for an athlete.

We find it extremely important that our athletes are able to train well, while maintaining and strengthening their mobility. For that reason, our class schedule consists of a combination of strength and  mobility. 

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WeTrain Essentials is a unique trajectory in which you will work on your health for 6 weeks. The Essentials is an integral bootcamp concept that guides you in the field of nutrition, training and lifestyle. In 6 weeks we take you into the world of training, nutrition and behaviour. Together with your group you will train intensively three times a week, eat clean and learn a lot about effective training.  


from €139

Next level

WeTrain Next Level, picks up where WeTrain Essentials stops. This program is designed for the advanced trainee who already has a certain foundation. We build step by step with more complex techniques, a higher intensity, but also more scope per training. All dimensions of the 5 ground motor movement properties are discussed. Speed, strength, agility, endurance and coordination.


from €49.50


Participating in the WeTrain Forever subscription form means that you have sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding of training, nutrition and recovery

In the WeTrain Forever program we will perfect everything you already master (and more) and combine it in constantly changing training sessions.

Expect strength, duration, speed and skill workouts that continuously challenge and excite you.    


from €240.00

Forever in combination with PT

This subscription form has been added for those who want to combine personal attention with the Forever program.  

Personal training in combination with group lessons ensures that you challenge yourself and work towards your specific goal.

In addition, we can go deeper into your techniques.


Price on request

Personal training

Do you get stuck in your current sports routine, do you want to deepen or do you find it difficult to make a start at all? Personal training can offer you just that push and personal attention to achieve your goals.

A good personal trainer knows how to find a balance between what you can do now and where you need to go and we can help you with that.

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forever nutrition

Participating in the WeTrain Forever subscription form means that you have sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding of training, nutrition and recovery. You are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself.  

Would you rather continue to be intensively guided by one of our nutritionists? Then you can add Forever food to your subscription. 


Part Forever


Mobility training focuses on increasing mobility and flexibility and lowering the stress level in your body.

With this form of stretching you strengthen and relax tendons, connective tissue and joints; they stretch deeper muscles and make your body more mobile.  


Part Forever 


The yoga classes at WeTrain are fluid movements to the rhythm of your breathing, which builds up "heat" in your body and stimulates the cardiovascular system.


The classes are a combination of hatha, yin, vinyasa and slow flow yoga.  

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Nutrition trajectory

Nutrition coaching

You can also start a nutrition-only program at WeTrain. We then start with an intake to determine your objective. We then determine your starting point by measuring your fat percentage.

You will then receive an account in the nutrition app so that we can monitor you properly. Every week we have a telephone or live contact to discuss your progress. 

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